Olivia Charlet

Dare to Dream.

A little bit about me
Half-French, half-Belgian, I was born in Tokyo. I grew up living in Dusseldorf, Johannesburg, Vienna, and Hamburg. After finishing my Bachelors in Finance in Boston, I moved to London to work in Finance for 3 years. After a life-changing coaching experience, I quit my job in Finance and completed a Master’s in Psychology and Psychiatry at King’s College and a Coaching Qualification with The Coaching Academy.
I am OBSESSED with learning. I devour books on mindset, business, success and neuroscience. I invest heavily in my own learning and my clients do too.
I am OBSESSED with serving my ideal audience (*my ideal client is JUST AS obsessed about her own calling).
This is not just a business for me. This is my CALLING.
I couldn’t care less about becoming famous. I see it as a side effect of having a big mission in the world.
I don’t have excuses when it comes to my success. Ultimately there’s only one way: UP.
I’m ALWAYS willing to try new things in my business. Unless it’s out of alignment or out of integrity. Then I’m out.
I take 100% responsibility for every single area of my life. It’s not up to others to create change for us. And expect my clients to feel the same way.
I have more energy than anyone I know and my clients have a vibrancy and aliveness to them that is out of this world.
I’m incredibly optimistic. I believe that life is happening FOR you, not to you.
I care SO MUCH about helping you get results. You’ll never have experienced this level of intensity, passion, energy, enthusiasm, and conviction. It’s going to be a hell of a ride. That’s why my clients come back multiple times over.
Fun is my number one value. Learning is my second top value. And contribution is my third top value. That gives you some insight into me!