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What have my clients said about me?

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Rachel Akinwande, Business Coach

"I started working with Olivia because I had recently started my own business and felt like I needed guidance on how to grow and develop it so that it became successful. Olivia made me feel extremely comfortable with working with her by offering me a free initial chat about where I was in my business and what I wanted to achieve and it only took two sessions with her for me to start seeing results in my business."


"She encouraged me to put my business out there and get in front of my potential clients which ultimately helped me raise awareness about my brand and what I do, and now for the first time, I actually feel like I'm 'in business' now- I have people asking me about my services, Organisations asking me to speak at their events, and my email list subscribers have more than tripled as a result of Olivia giving me advice about how to grow my business and stop playing small."

"I would not have been able to grow my business without working with Olivia- I've worked with a handful of other business coaches, and none of them have been as understanding and encouraging as Olivia. She took the time out to understand me and my business and I can see that my business is really expanding with her help. Thank you so much Olivia."


Sanae Floyd, Coach/Mother/Motivational Speaker


"Coaching with Olivia is an extremely powerful experience. Olivia has a unique and wonderful gift of asking insightful and pertinent questions that really delve into the heart of the matter. I came away from our sessions with a sense of renewed strength and empowerment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Olivia as a coach."

Brittany Zeman, Coach

"I don't even know where to begin. I've felt really lost. disconnected. I've allowed myself to fall into this ebb and flow space where I don't really know where I'm going but I have this giant idea floating above me. Then there was Olivia. She was unlike anyone I have E V E R talked to. She was warm and safe and in our session she held so much space for all my feelings to come out and be explored. She took me to places I didn't even know existed in my own soul and got to the root of SO MUCH confusion, lost-ness and frustration for me. She is absolutely gifted and beyond anything I've ever experienced.

She goes much deeper than the surface or conscious level and spoke from her soul to mine, allowing me to be who I am and giving me that permission, which I seeked so much. I walked away from our session absolutely in the highest vibes, feeling totally confident in who I am and what I offer. She is the most masterful coach that I've ever had the pleasure to speak to and I'm deeply grateful for her presence. I without a doubt have experienced MASSIVE shifts and highly recommend trusting your intuition and being guided by this Goddess woman! She will take you all the way in a powerful, warm and loving way."


Hebe Dickins, Actress

"Olivia puts me completely at ease. I come away from her sessions feeling empowered and with an understanding of what has been blocking me. Incredibly intuitive, enthusiastic and generous with her time and attention, she manages to simplify those 'massive problems' and get me to find solutions that are conducive to my happiness. She is able to spot what I have missed and when I was in a difficult period of my life, made me realise my potential. Her belief in my progress is evident; she has made a huge impact on my life and I will continue to recommend her to friends."


Amy McNally, Coach

"Olivia is a ray of sunshine with positivity and enthusiasm pouring out of her! I felt a connection with her immediately! She genuinely cares and wants to help others succeed! She offers a wealth of knowledge and she did a wonderful job helping me brainstorm various ideas of how to make myself visible and connect with my ideal client! I would highly recommend Olivia if you're searching for an energetic, passionate, and unique coach! You won't regret it!"

Aleli Lauria, Soul Writer and Tarot Card Reader

"Olivia I wanted to thank you for an amazing coaching session. I really appreciate the way you guided me to find answers. Your questions were direct and gentle, you pulled the right strings and touched the right cords for me to acknowledge that I am a beautiful instrument and the world longs to hear my music. You made me feel seen and heard and you brought up really good questions for me to dig even deeper. Thank you so much for real, grounded and honest coaching!!"

Erin Barnard, Author

"Olivia is not only super fun to work with, but by the end of one call I had at least half a dozen ideas to move my business forward. These are ideas I can implement in the next week or two that will have a massive impact. I'm a huge fan of super easy + highly effective, and that's what I got from Olivia."

Sarah Cohn, Copywriter and Brand Specialist

"I adore Olivia Charlet. She's intense, and she's going to hold you to a high standard. But she's also incredibly genuine and committed. I was shocked how much I got out of a single session. She helped expand my thinking about myself and my business, and never once did I feel pressured or put off. I appreciate her clear style, and infectious enthusiasm."

Talitha Erixon, Network Marketer & Coach

"Olivia is amazing and a truly gifted Business Coach. She got straight into Business and showed me the power of her work right away. She found out exactly what my needs where and tailored a plan that would help me get the results I needed immediately. She's polite, fun and has an amazing energy. I immediately felt relaxed, heard and understood. I would absolutely recommend that if you are looking for a Business Coach to help you get the results you need fast Olivia would be a very wise choice. Thank you Olivia you're truly amazing."

Elitsa, Lawyer

"THANK you so much for guiding me through this incredibly scary but also incredibly inspirational process - what a journey. It's like you're showing me a massive white light that's always been there but my sun glasses were too dark to notice it. I am so glad I have you as a teacher and guiding light in the process. The months during which I was reading the books you suggested, following your periscopes and working, step by step towards my passion were literally magical for me. It's like following up on my dream made me forget EVERYTHING else that was upside down in my life. You have no idea how much this means to me. You are the most vibrant, amazing and supportive coach out there! You are authentic, powerful and sincere and you've helped me to REALLY discover and step into my power and the journey I have embarked on together with you was a truly inspirational one. Thank you for supporting me through the hard times, for cheering my successes and for believing in me and my power. I know I have it now. And I created a space to express it with your help and support. You are amazing. Keep on going inspiring others - the world needs more leaders just like you!"